The contributors and supporters of Kaleidoscope Butterfly are striving to achieve a community with higher levels of thinking: to support each other with a higher understanding, to teach, share, and encourage growth so that we all might not only survive but also thrive. We believe that true beauty is always there waiting to be realized appreciated and embraced. In Christ, every person should have the freedom to develop their uniqueness independent of expectation,
judgment, condemnation, guilt, shame and burden.

To care beyond yourself and be part of something larger than your “self” is what we consider “true beauty”.


Enhance Me Please

 As an aesthetician my priority is always making each individual appreciate their individuality while learning how to showcase their most brilliant features.

This link has a few tricks of the trade which most people do not know.

Embrace the idea of who YOU are and the beauty you bring to the Face of society!


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Put Your Best Face Forward

It isn't always easy for people in crisis to find their footing, make wise decisions and keep moving forward.

KB, Inc enjoys the opportunity to help women understand the dynamics of accentuating the positive and diminishing the negative.  We are able to use our professional skills to reinforce focusing on all the wonderful possibilities up ahead  and the importance of  leaving the past in it's proper perspective. 

 We hope that by caring for individuals, instructing them and under girding where ever they are unsteady the obstacles will be overcome and their confidence renewed.

Thank you to House of Dawn for allowing us to come along side their efforts in support of the women under their loving care. Here are a few pictures from our most recent "Best Face Forward" Outreach.


Be Passion, Be Beauty, Enliven the World!

In most of our groups we are traveling through the Passionately Series.  In all of our groups we are understanding that passion is a force which may propel good or bad ~ the force is our choice!

If Kaleidoscope Butterfly, Inc has served your community through our wellness studies then you know our purpose statement:

By using our professional skills to serve you,  it is our desire to unveil, restore and release your vitality.  The catalyst for seeing your True Beauty emerge is cocooned within the synergy of our combined wisdom, compliance and energies.

For those of you in last months class in Riverdale here are the notes from the cooking class, I look forward to seeing you next week - remember, "Eat Well and BE Fabulous"©

Live a Tasty Life
No Bore Burritos:
  1 lg. can refried beans or preferably black beans
  3c shredded, cooked chicken  or a roasted chicken chopped
  Salsa; 1 jar mild or medium
  Peppers; green, yellow, red, diced
  Sweet Onion, diced
  Tomatoes, diced
  Sour cream
  Cheese, grated Cheddar or white cheese
  Flour tortillas, burrito size whole wheat preferably
Make it Work:
  Saute the vegetables in olive oil with sea or kosher salt, pepper and some garlic if you have it handy.   When onions are clear add your chicken, chopped tomatoes (can use canned) and beans if you want them.  ( you may also use black beans with no meat) If you purchase fresh chicken, slice the chicken breasts to expedite cooking, sprinkling Cajun seasoning on top if you wish. Cut chicken into bite-size pieces.  Place mixture on tortilla layer with sour cream, salsa, and cheese, spinach whatever you would like and roll up.
Be Unique
  Variations with same recipe – leave out beans throw in a large hand full of fresh spinach leaves and simmer while cooking any type of noodles.  When noodles are tender drain and place the veggies and chicken on top.  Sprinkle with parm or moz cheese if desired.
  Make enchilada by warming a pan, placing tortilla first, sprinkle with cheese, add chicken vegetable mixture, sprinkle with cheese and top with another tortilla.  Brown the first side and then carefully flip to brown other side – if you happen to have a small appliance such as a George Foreman Grill this works very well because you do not have to flip.
Serves 6-8.
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Sometimes You Must BE the Beauty in Chaos

Making His Mark With BeautyKB, Inc’s world-wide motto is alive

Hip, Hip Hooray! Now our organization is seeing beauty emerge all around the world. When we changed our "slogan" from Loving Who You Were Divinely Created To BE to Reaching Through Chaos, Seeing True Beauty Emerge we did not quiet understand why - because we knew the first one was correct. However, we had to believe in what God saw beneath the chaos in order to find the faith which enabled our perseverance to help others not only see what we saw, but believe in it.

As we began telling women and children that they were desired, loved and had a reason to not be afraid, we saw them embrace the " idea" of hope.  But as we stuck by them~ encouraging them to believe that even as God forsaken as life can feel at times, there are always lovely moments too; we noticed they were actually reaching out to grab onto that hope and tucking it away to protect it. But the day we understood with His understanding was when we saw His "beauty mark".  It was the day that all the pieces collided to perfectly mesh.  For the first time I know I saw the elusive Kaleidoscope Butterfly.  Although it was one moment it was also many and there will be many more.  Because as we are walking and relating to these lovely individuals God is revealing precious details which are transforming their minds to see that they, themselves, need to BE BEAUTY in this world of chaos.

We are witness to the fact that there is not a more beautiful sight than His hand reaching through their chaos to share in very real ways.

Our work is simple but true:
We believe True Beauty is as a seed planted within you, tenderly tucked into a deep, dark space. Alone with such dreams of grandeur, restlessly squirming, simply dying to be released! It truly believes there is something much larger and unique it is to be. It feels it could bestow beauty and goodness upon an unaesthetic world. “Just as the butterfly is always within the caterpillar – so too your beauty is fighting to take flight and ride the breeze. You are a kaleidoscope butterfly, a vision foreseen in the mind of the Great Divine. He delights in what you have to offer. He created you to rise above and be seen. So flutter your jagged, shattered pieces in His sunlight. His hand merges all our shapes in His time. To Him we are not missing or broken we are His Delight and perfect in His sight.

We make our request known and know it is His will:
Do not look with your eyes to perceive reality. Do not allow this world to diminish what He sees. Push through the weight trying to hold and bury you. Stand tall in His continence, mercy and grace. Reach up and out with your arms wide. Turn your face to be set on the sun. Allow your bud to blossom. Be open for all to see and embrace. Release the joy in your heart for their pleasure. Allow it to pour out, free. Keep it flowing till the scent of it rises - as a fragrant offering of what you believe all heaven can now see.

So allow us to encourage you "BE the Beauty in chaos no one can stop you – honest!"

With the Love of our Christ,


Baseline Beauty

Yes!  But do you have to have it done professionally?  Some individuals yes and some no.  If an individual is simply desiring maintenance and they are proactive there are many things that can be done at home.  This being said - the "No" comes into play if an individual desires anything rejuvenating. 

With manufacturers producing based on consumer demand and consumers unaware of what they are demanding, there are some very precarious situations that can develop.  We will address those outside of this post.  Focusing on what should be used in a home facial here is a basic protocol:

  • cleanse
  • exfoliate options: terry cloth wash cloth, soft facial brush, microderm or other scrub
  • steam (bath, shower or warm towel)
  • massage skin with a cream if dry or dehydrated
  • wrap finger tips with tissue and gently dislodge easily removed blackheads
  • 2nd cleanse
  • tone
  • mask for skin type
  • remove with warm cloth
  • moisturize

Always lean toward less than more.  It is best to do less more often than aggressive and throw your skin into a sensitive state. 

Like any great work of art, you have to start with a good quailty canvas.  If you have any questions post away! I will get back to you asap.



The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well ladies - I have been draggin' my feet for ages to get this temp site up.  "I will do it NO longer!"

Let me open with this: 
I have never met a face that was not beautiful in it's own right - never.  We can pick ourselves apart to the point that I have NO idea how we even walk out of our own houses in the morning.  My gosh  - they way we perceive our sub-par attractiveness we should be part of the traveling circus freak show - not to say that there is anything wrong with that, if you happen to be of the nomadic travelers.

Yet somehow.. someway, we all pick our freakish selves up each day - clean ourselves off, slather, spritz, Spackle a bit of goo here and there, pin back, spray up and put our best foot forward.  Lest you think I am any different than anyone I am ribbing, let me spin you a quick tale.

Many years ago I was going to a new stylist at a salon I had been going to for 20 years. (and yes that was straight from my mothers womb)  My previous stylist had moved on, but never to fear - I knew almost everyone there.  Not being a shy one, I interrupted his "what can we do for you" intro and cut right to the chase with "what he needed to be aware of". 

I started with "I am not fussy about letting you do what you think is best, but I have to lay some ground rules".  He was very intrigued.  "For starters, my hair is baby fine and straight as a board - it only get this way from loads of product and teasing, which I do diligently" "My ears are like dumbo so I do not have a choice on the matter".  "Then there is the issue of my freakishly small head on this incredible long skinny neck - I remind myself of a bud long neck commercial." "You remember the ones with the peoples heads on top of the bottle?" "I have no profile what so ever - so I am basically a neck with hair on top". 

He looked at me with his hands still lightly tousling my hair here and there and with as straight a face as possible he said, "WOW and to think for a minute there I thought you were attractive!"  "Well when you put all the pieces together it's not that unsightly, but each one alone is a bit of an issue" I quipped.

There is a fine line between arrogance, humility and unaesthetic.  Each of us have "the good, the bad and the ugly" days.  But with a little bit of help on bad days we can look better, on ugly days we can at least put a beautiful bright smile on our mug, and on good day...we'll just brush our teeth and floss because heavens know we didn't have the time on the other days! 

So this is the place to get that little bit of help - no strings attached.  We want you to be able to trust us for unbiased information that is free of hoopla, snarkiness or business building. There will be no selling or business building here ~so don't even go there.  This is about others - not self!  If you want to promote something here then you are going to have to give it away "for free". Oh, and by the way that is just what KB is doing for the next quarter.  We are mixing up the whole BOGO world.  It will be ~ Buy One, GIVE One...FREE all quarter long. 

100% of all revenues will be going to give someone else what is purchased - So if you want to get on the BOGO train and give away your stuff... give us a call and we'll help you out!  If you are a shelter, woman in crisis or ministry and want some of what we are giving away just call us - we'll help you out =D
I will be listing the questions asked from the last several years - YEP, years.  So just check back and add your thoughts...or questions and we'll just keep building the archives.

Have a wonderful day my pretties!